ed·it (dt) tr.v. ed·it·ed, ed·it·ing, ed·its

1. a. To prepare (written material) for publication or presentation, as by correcting, revising, or adapting.

b. To prepare an edition of for publication: edit a collection of short stories.

c. To modify or adapt so as to make suitable or acceptable: edited her remarks for presentation to a younger audience.

Editing is an oft-overlooked yet essential component of releasing your book. Small errors in spelling, to larger errors that effect the flow and continuity of the story are reader’s biggest complaints. You cannot (this is scientifically proven) edit your own work: you are too close to the story, and your eye actually sees the words as they should be written, not as they are.

Editors are essential to your project being successful. Attention to detail, awareness of grammar and word use, meanings and connotations as well as an eye for the overall development of characters and plot are all qualities that an editor can bring to your work. An editor will (and should) challenge your choices and ask you to think about specific details as you develop your character or scene.

Editing is time-intensive and requires you to be open to the process. An editor is your advocate, not your enemy.

I offer the following options for your editing: all prices quoted are simply guidelines.

Beta Reading:

A Beta Read is simply an opportunity to have your story critiqued generally for content, flow and readability. After reading, I will write a quick note of impressions that may include specific questions or comments regarding choices in plotting, characterization and flow. Working much as an early reviewer, I’m looking for overall enjoyment, plot holes and other issues that would confuse or frustrate readers.

Pricing based on word count, turnaround of 10 – 14 days.


This is the final step before you send your work to be formatted. Checking for spelling and use errors, punctuation errors and making sure the copy is clean. Proofreading finds those silly errors that we all make and autocorrect doesn’t flag: bear for bare, your for you’re, its or it’s.

Staggered Pricing depends on word count of manuscript. Turnaround 10 – 14 days.


A chapter by chapter analysis of the work, noting character and plot development, searching for detail and readability as well as flow and content. Word choices are examined in terms of grammar, definition, and connotation, where choices are questioned and alternates suggested. Development and continuity of characters, plot and storylines are a major focus: polishing the work for readers to enjoy.

All work must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, I will use notes and track changes to mark up your manuscript. Pricing is based on word count of submitted manuscript.

Beta Reading

Up to 40K words: $50
Up to 80K words: $75
Over 80K words = $100 +
$10 each addtional 5K
or portion thereof.


40K = $50.00
50 K =  $60.00
60K = $70.00
70K =  $80.00
80K = $90.00
Over 80K = $90 + $10 per additional 5K or portion thereof.

Copy Edit

Up to 40K = $75 (+ppw)
Up to 60K = $100 (+ppw)
Up to 80K = $125 (+ ppw)

Price per word (ppw) =

  • All pricing estimated until quote requested and received
  • Quote based on information received, subject to verification of word count with MS
  • All payment due prior to return of completed project.